Your Anchoring Experience


Your Anchoring Experience

We get a lot of questions about how our Full-Service Anchoring option works, so we decided to put all the details down in one place for you. Read on for an idea of what you’ll experience and what you should expect. 


Make A Reservation Request: The easiest way to book Full-Service Anchoring for your Lake Powell houseboat vacation is to do it on our website. Just click here. You’ll be asked a few questions about your houseboat, trip, dates, and the general location in which you’d like to be anchored.

Receive Reservation Confirmation: You’ll receive a Reservation Confirmation within 4 days of making your Reservation Request. In addition to containing information about your anchoring, the Reservation Confirmation will contain a payment link.

Receive and Execute Anchoring Agreement: Next up is receiving and signing our Anchoring Agreement. It covers the rules, responsibilities and risks associated with anchoring.

Balance Due: About 30 days prior to your scheduled anchoring day, you’ll receive a payment link for any balance due on your account.


We’ll contact you 1-3 days prior to your Anchoring Day to verify all of your anchoring details - and to make any necessary adjustments. We’ll also provide you with detailed information on what to expect on Anchoring Day and tips for making it easy. This includes:

  • Best practices for an on-time arrival at your anchoring location (canyon/bay)
  • How to successfully connect with our up-lake anchoring crew
  • Scouting and anchoring site selection

The big day has finally arrived.

Quality Communication: Our in-marina operations stays touch with you via text as you make your way up-lake and coordinates your arrival with our up-lake anchoring crew. Once you arrive at the meet-up location outside your chosen canyon or bay you’ll hail the anchoring crew on channel 16.

Scouting and Site SelectionThere are multiple options to choose from when it comes to selecting a great site for your houseboat vacation.

  • We Pick – we’ll select a site for you and get you anchored quickly.
  • You pick - you look for a location in your scout boat before our meeting time
  • Co-Selection – we choose a location together

Everyone likes something a little different, so if you’re particular about your location (don’t worry, we are too), we suggest scouting about 45 mins prior to our scheduled meeting time.

We also welcome co-scouting. Please be aware that we have to limit the time spent doing so to about 20 mins. This allows us to complete your anchoring on schedule so we can be courteous of your fellow houseboaters who are being anchored after you.

Mooring Your Houseboat: Once your site is set, it’s time to get you anchored. If you’ve selected our Piloting On-Beach Service, one of our professional captains will drive your boat onto the site and hold it there while our crew anchors you. The Piloting On-Beach option is great for when the winds are blowing or if there’s a tricky spot you’d really love to have. If you’ve chosen to anchor yourself, no problem. We’ll talk you onto the beach and provide some instruction as we get you tied-up.

Training On Maintaining Your Anchorage: Rest assured, we’ll train you on everything you need to know to keep your boat safe and secure during your stay. And, we’ll teach you the differences between maintaining your anchorage under both rising and falling-lake conditions.


We hate to see you leave (Powell is our favorite place too), but all good things must come to an end. Most of our customers choose to self-unmoor. They simply untie from our gear and head back to the marina, knowing we’ll be by shortly to clean everything up. If desired, and scheduled, our anchoring crew will come to unmoore you. We can arrange for Off-Beach piloting service too.

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