Your Anchoring Experience


Your Anchoring Experience

We get a lot of questions about how our Full-Service Anchoring option works, so we decided to put all the details down in one place for you. Read on for an idea of what you’ll experience and what you should expect.


During your booking, we request your boarding time, ideal launch time, preferred canyon/bay and additional preferences to establish a tentative anchor (rendevous) time and location up-lake. 

1-3 days prior to your trip we will reach out to confirm the above and provide you with final rendevous details and establish on-lake communication.

Site Selection

Choosing a site can often be a stressful part of your vacation. Some customers embrace the hunt while others prefer our help. Below are a few common options. Regardless which fits you best, we ask you limit to the canyon/bay confirmed in our pre-anchor communication (1-3 days prior). Note, we do not reserve spots in advance. Any site that is selected will need to be occupied by you, your guests or your boat at all times. 

Customer Selection: you pre-scout to find your perfect spot. You may send us GPS in advance or show us at the time of our rendevous.

Co-Scout: when we rendevous we will show you a few options you might like based on your preferences you gave during your booking or confirmation.

Crew's Choice: based on your preferences you gave during your booking, we will be happy to select a safe, secure and enjoyable location on your behalf at the time of or just before your arrival.


Locations: We currently anchor anywhere between Warm Creek and Wetherill Canyon. We do not provide anchoring service in Wahweap Bay or Lone Rock. Navajo Canyon with pre-scouting only.

Anchor times

Anchor times selected during your reservation are tentative. Actual anchor rendezvous times will depend on factors such as your off-dock time, location and our operations schedule for the day. We do our best to accommodate your requested time within two hours. Our last anchoring of the day will commence with a 3:00 pm rendezvous time. This is to ensure the safety of your vessel and our crew as well as be in compliance with our NPS permit.

Day of communication

The day prior to your anchoring, we will establish 3-way communication via text between yourself, our on-dock team and your anchoring crew. Use this method to text us when you depart the marina and any in-route issues you may have or last minute changes. Once you arrive at the canyon/bay pre-arranged, you will monitor Channel 16 on your marine radio and hail Beach Bags. If our crew does not respond right away, they are simply working with another customer on a different channel and will hail you back as soon as they are close by. On un-anchor day, we ask that you also shoot us a text message letting us know that you have departed your site so that we may swiftly retrieve your anchors. 


We'll rendezvous with you outside the predetermined canyon/bay and choose anchorage site (refer to site selection). Our crew will deploy your anchors and then have you pilot your boat in. If you have chosen Pilot Service, our captain will have the helm. We will then secure your houseboat and train you on our equipment.


Self-Unmoor: simply untie and secure your anchor lines and we will retrieve the system as swiftly as possible.

Assisted Unmoor with Pilot Service: We will take care of piloitng your houseboat off the beach, secure your lines and collect our equipment. This service is subject to additional charge.

Training on maintaining your anchorage

Rest assured, we’ll train you on everything you need to know to keep your boat safe and secure during your stay. And, we’ll teach you the differences between maintaining your anchorage under both rising and falling-lake conditions.

Fees & cancellation policy

Due to the complex service that we provide, A $500 non-refundable down payment is required at time of booking. Any cancellation or changes to your confirmed reservation can impact our operations. However, we understand unforeseen events occur and, therefore, we intend to make cancellations as easy and “pain free” as possible. If you need to cancel your reservation, at any time, just let us know to receive a full refund for your anchoring less the $500 Reservation Deposit.

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