beaches are for everyone


beaches are for everyone

Lake Powell’s beaches are for everyone. Beach Bags does not save beaches and supports public access, in both its beliefs and operating practices, to all beaches on a first come, first served basis.

Park visitors encountering unattended Beach Bags, on a site they would like to occupy, should feel both welcome and comfortable occupying their desired beach. They should further expect that a respectful, kind, and courteous Beach Bags anchoring crew will soon arrive to retrieve the gear and be on their way.

If you’re not saving beaches why are anchors left unattended?

There are a few situations in which unattended anchors occur. Here are some examples.

  • Self-Unmooring: Houseboat leaves anchorage, early in the morning, prior to Beach Bags crew arrival.
  • Unscheduled & Unannounced Departure: Houseboat leaves anchorage without notification prior to its scheduled departure.
  • Mechanical or Weather Delay: Beach Bags crew is unable to retrieve anchors due unforeseen circumstances.

In all instances, Beach Bags is not saving beaches - although we understand that it may appear otherwise. Beach Bags endeavors to retrieve unattended anchors within a few hours and, at worst, within the same day of a houseboat’s departure. There are times however, when it may take longer to retrieve unattended gear. It is highly unlikely for that duration to be more than 24 hours from a houseboat’s departure.

Can I pay to use the unattended anchors?

Yes, if they are available, compatible, and the time to properly anchor your boat fits within our schedule, our crew is happy to professionally anchor you at our standard Full-Service anchoring rates. For more detail, see below.

  • Availability: If you desire to use a set of unattended anchors, please be aware that the anchors you wish to occupy could very well be assigned to use for a future houseboat anchoring, in a different location. In that case, they would not be available for your use.
  • Compatibility: Beach Bags Anchor Systems are customized to the specific needs of the houseboat to which they are attached. As such, a set of unattended anchors may not be suitable for safely and securely anchoring your houseboat.
  • Schedule Permitting: Should the unattended anchors be available and compatible, the arriving Beach Bags anchoring crew can professionally anchor you. Depending on their schedule, this may not occur upon their initial arrival and would need to take place later in the day. They may also need to move you to a different location in the same general area.
Can I use the unattended anchors in the event of a genuine emergency?

Yes! We’re fellow houseboaters and completely understand that dangerous medical and weather situations unexpectedly occur on the lake. If that happens and you see a set of unattended anchors nearby, please feel free to use them. If you’re still attached when our crew comes by, just explain the situation and they’ll assist you in whatever way they can. All of our workboats have special marine radios allowing us to communicate to emergency services just about anywhere on the lake. We’re here to help.

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