Beach Bags Anchor Systems were invented by a crew of avid houseboaters hailing from Lake Powell's Antelope Point Marina who have a successful product development and engineering firm in Scottsdale, AZ. We understand the wind speeds, gusts and storms that occur on Lake Powell and why this is probably your biggest question.

From an engineering standpoint, Beach Bag Anchor Systems are designed to provide holding power similar to stakes used for pin anchoring and have successfully held Lake Powell houseboats secure in storms exhibiting +50 mph winds. Learn more by clicking here and here.

Through our extensive research development, testing and wind loading we understand the right size Beach Bags and Beach Bags Systems needed for different houseboat sizes. We welcome emails and phone calls to chat with you about our technical work.

Select from among our various Beach Bags Anchor and System options to make the right decision for your houseboat's needs.

The extensive use of pin and stake anchors is causing significant damage at Lake Powell. The drill holes left behind accelerate erosion, weaken the slickrock shoreline and may damage the fossil record (dinosaur footprints). Additionally, pins, stakes and rebar that become trapped in the rock and left behind can injure swimmers and puncture boat hulls.

Using pin anchors and stake anchors at Lake Powell is against the law.  Per the National Park Service, Pin anchoring and stake anchoring are illegal because they result in permanent, irreversible damage to the slickrock geologic and mineral resource and can weaken the integrity of the slickrock (these are violations of 36 CFR 2.1(a)(iv)), have adverse impacts to scenic/visual resources, and damage paleontological and cultural resources.

According to the National Park Service, the current fines for the use of pin anchors and stake anchors at Lake Powell are $250 per pin. Considering houseboats typically use 6-8 pins, total fines for a properly secured houseboat range from $1,500 - $2,000 per incident.

It is likely the fines for using pin anchors and stake anchors will increase beyond the $250 per pin fine. The National Park Service has indicated that a single act of pinning may, in the future, violate multiple regulations.

The National Park Service has indicated its intention to end the illegal practice of pin anchoring houseboats on Lake Powell through transitional pilot anchoring programs, education, increased enforcement and escalating fines. Stay tuned for more details as they become available. 

Low water levels are rapidly changing Lake Powell’s shorelines and some of your favorite spots may now be well above the Lake’s water line. Beach Bags Anchor Systems however are quite versatile and can be placed on rock, sand, and mixed surface shorelines with slopes up to 20°.  This means many houseboats can anchor in the same general areas they always have. Locations requiring the placement of anchors on steep slopes or rock walls are not serviceable with Beach Bags. 

There are several ways rental and private houseboaters can use Beach Bags Anchor Systems. These include:

Do It Yourself Anchoring

Full Service Anchoring

Pre-Set Mooring

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Yes, Beach Bags are a sack filled with water, but they’re not just any old bag. In fact, they’re specifically engineered to withstand many of the rigors and demands of the forever changing, and often unpredictable conditions on Lake Powell.

For example, as Lake levels rise and fall, your favorite spot’s shorelines can change from relatively flat sand to undulating slickrock slopes. How do you burry a fluke anchor in rock? How to you place an ordinary bag on a slope and keep it from rapidly rolling downhill, and quite possibly injuring someone, when it begins to fill?  Or, how do you secure your vessel to an ordinary water filled bag and have it safely hold your houseboat during strong winds?

You don’t. That is unless you use Beach Bags. Each unit contains more than three years of R&D expertise driven by engineers and product developers possessing decades of boating and, in particular, Lake Powell houseboating experience. Our Patent Protected Beach Bags (US Patent 10,780,952) are equally effective on sand and rock, are engineered for use on slopes up to 20°, and provide superb holding power. Try houseboating with any other bag. You’ll soon discover it was meant for the trash.

Beach Bags are cleverly designed and patented (US Patent 10,780,952 ) to be filled and used on slopes up to 20°. That means you can deploy them just about anywhere (rock or sand shorelines) without worrying about them sliding or rolling downhill. Yes, Beach Bags may be on a roll, but they're engineered to stay put.

Yes. Beach Bags are specifically patented (US Patent 10,780,952)and designed for safe, convenient and effective use on rock or sand and are ideal for use on stable surfaces with slopes up to 20º.  Beach Bags' holding power will vary depending on a number of factors including surface type, condition and slope, as well as their angle in relation to you're houseboat. However you're using Beach Bags, please make certain to order the right size Beach Bags System for your boat to achieve simple, safe and effective houseboat anchoring.

Yes. There are applications where you may choose to use a combination of Beach Bags and Sand anchors (separate lines).

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