Usage Agreement Overview

the key things you'll want to know

We'll send you a formal BEACH BAGS Anchor Usage Agreement for review and signature after you make your reservation request. Here's a quick review of the basics.

Captain's Responsibilities

As Captain of your boat you'll acknowledge the inherent risks and responsibilities associated with houseboating, anchoring, and using the Beach Bags Anchor System. Your fellow houseboaters will be asked to acknowledge these inherent risks and responsibilities too.

Knowledge of houseboating, the weather patterns on Lake Powell, proper anchor line tensioning, and use of the Beach Bags Anchor System are essential for a safe and successful houseboating vacation. We'll provide you with the following materials to assist in the training and education of you and your fellow participants

Available Services

Full Service Anchoring
We'll rendezvous with you in your desired canyon or bay, deploy Beach Bags in your preferred location, and secure your houseboat. Then, upon your departure, simply untie your anchor lines and we retrieve the system.

Piloting On or Off Beach (In Conjunction with Full Service Anchoring)
For an extra fee, there’s nothing better than having our professional captain board your vessel, man the helm, and place your boat on the beach once we meet in your preferred canyon or bay. It’s a no-brainer option for stress-free anchoring and securing the very best locations in good weather or bad. If desired you can arrange for our professional captain to take your boat off-the-beach when you're scheduled to return. 

Piloting-Up Lake
This limited availability service is offered for vessels in need of professional captaining from their slip to their anchoring location or from their anchoring location to the marina. The service is provided by APEX, and for your convenience, is scheduled and billed by Beach Bags.

Reservation Deposit
A Reservation Deposit of $100 is due at the time of booking. Once accepted, it is applied to the Equipment and Services Fee (see below). The Reservation Deposit is refundable if you cancel within 10 days after your reservation request is made or if you are unable to take your trip due to low water levels.


Security Deposit

A Security Deposit of $500 is due 30 days prior to your trip. The Security Deposit will be applied to the repair or damage of equipment (beyond normal wear and tear), replacement of equipment (beyond normal wear and tear), late fees, and any other amounts due, including Piloting Services. All remaining Security Deposit funds will be refunded upon completion of your trip and our inspection of the equipment.

Equipment and Services Fee

The Equipment and Service Fee amount is based on the size and type of your houseboat and is due 30 days prior to your anchoring. The Equipment and Services Fee is refundable if you are unable to take your trip due to low water levels and, transferable to a future trip if your trip is cancelled at least 7 days prior to your scheduled anchoring date.

Cancellation Policy

Beach Bags Cancellation policy is based on booking dates and scheduled anchoring dates as outlined below.

Cancellation Within 10 days of your booking:

  • Receive a full refund of your Reservation Deposit

    Cancellation after 10 days from your booking:

    • Forfeiture of your Reservation Deposit

      Cancellation at least 7 days prior to your scheduled anchoring:

      • You may transfer all monies paid (Reservation Deposit & Equipment and Services Fee) to a future anchoring.
          Cancellation within 7 days of your scheduled anchoring:
          • Forfeiture of all monies paid (Reservation Deposit & Equipment and Services Fee) .
            Exceptions to the Cancellation Policy above are made should you be precluded from taking your trip due to low water levels. 

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