Buy Beach Bags Anchor System

Anchors to go everywhere you do.

Safe, simple, and legal anchoring for everyone, everywhere.

We are pleased to announce our Anchor System Purchasing Option. Ideal for the houseboat owner or shared ownership who wishes to have the flexibility to anchor themselves or hire us at a substantially reduced rate for anchoring services.

For those seeking flexability and independance:

  • Ability to self-anchor on your schedule
  • Ideal for those who like to move about the lake during your trip
  • Custom nuetral colored anchors personalized with your houseboat name/logo
  • Personal one-on-one training on proper deployment, strike and maintenance of your Anchor System
  • Discounts on Full-Service Anchoring Services
  • 3-year limited warranty
10500 lb Anchor:   $ 4,850 ea.
8500 lb Anchor:     $ 4,300 ea.
6500 lb Anchor:     $ 3,750 ea.
4500 lb Anchor:     $ 3,000 ea.

Tightrope:               $ 900 ea.

Contact us today to build the right system for your houseboat. Anchors are made to order so order now to receive for the 2023 season.

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