Pre-Set Mooring

This innovative anchoring choice delivers our best value and convenience by allowing you to self-moor to a Beach Bags Anchor System that's been set-up in time for your arrival. Our anchoring crew chooses a great mooring site within an available canyon or bay prior to your arrival. You simply pull up, attach your houseboat to the Beach Bags System, and tighten the lines.

If you know the area where you’d like to stay, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. If you're new to the lake and need help choosing a canyon or bay for your stay, no problem. We are happy to make recommendations for a safe & enjoyable vacation.

This service has limited availability so inquire today.

Pre-Set Mooring Includes:

  • Beach Bags Anchor System sized for your houseboat
  • Choice of available locations or let us choose for you
  • Training on Beach Bags use and anchor line tensioning
  • Available for boats up to 75 feet
Location (specific Canyon/Bay may be requested)

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