Do-It-Yourself Beach Bags System Rental

You've got this!

Due to operational challenges for this service, This DIY option is available for customers who have previously used our Full-Service Anchoring or can demonstrate the need for rental vs. our standard anchoring service. Our crews are out on the lake every day and available to an anchor you up lake as far as Grotto and Wetherill Canyons for our standard anchoring service.

How to DIY Videos

DIY Rentals Include:

  • Beach Bags Anchors sized for your houseboat
  • Includes Tightrope - our line tightening system
  • Filling pump & hose
  • Video training and instruction 
  • Convenient pickup/return at Laketime or Antelope Point Marinas


$1,200/wk :  50 ft. – 70 ft. Houseboat with 2 decks

$1,400/wk :  75 ft. with 2 decks (second deck up to 50% screened)   

$1,500/wk :  75 ft. Houseboat with 2 decks (75%+ screened)   

Not available for houseboats longer than 75' or 3-stories tall

Additional $60/night for trips exceeding 7 days

Boat Size
Trip Duration

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