Do-It-Yourself Beach Bags System Rental

You've got this!

Rent our DIY System for your houseboat and the entire lake is yours to explore! No more digging! And you can anchor just about anywhere on rock or sand.

The Beach Bags Anchoring System is intuitive and easy to use. And, we'll teach you everything you need to know to successfully use, deploy and retrieve your Beach Bags System. How to DIY Videos

DIY Rentals Include:

  • Beach Bags Anchors sized for your houseboat
  • Filling pump & hose
  • Comprehensive training and instruction 
  • Convenient pickup/return at Laketime, Antelope Point and Wahweap Marinas


$850/wk :  50 ft. – 70 ft. Houseboat with 2 decks

$995/wk :  75 ft. with 2 decks (second deck up to 50% screened)   

$1,200/wk :  75 ft. Houseboat with 2 decks (75%+ screened)   

$1,200/wk :  75 ft. – 80 ft. Houseboat with 3 decks   

Additional $60/night for trips exceeding 7 days

Boat Size
Trip Duration

Become a sandbagger