Rental Policy

BEACH BAGS Terms and Conditions

Knowledge of houseboating, and the weather patterns on Lake Powell are  essential for successfully using any anchoring system.

Understanding correct anchor placement and installation is critical for your safety and houseboating enjoyment. A signature of acceptance verifying you have viewed and understand the following materials is required by all Captains.

Additionally, as Captain of your boat you acknowledge ultimate responsibility, under the law, for all aspects of operation including the safe navigation of the ship, anchoring, as well as training and actions of the crew.

How do I get my Beach Bags Anchor System?

Depending on your marina and schedule, we will either deliver the system to your houseboat or meet you at a designated area.

When must my Anchor System be returned?

Anchor Systems must be returned by 5:30 pm on date specified.

Tank's full – no need to refuel

Your gas pump will arrive with a full tank of fuel. There is no need to refuel prior to return.

What's included

Each Beach Bag Anchor includes: carry case, Beach Bag, bridle, snorkel extension, snorkel clamp w attachment carabiner, two soft shackles, one harness, vent port cap (optional).

In addition, your Beach Bag System includes: filling hose, intake hose, pump, instruction guide

Rental checkout process

Our objective is to send you off to your vacation with as much knowledge as you desire about how our system works and the Beach Bags story. However, if you’re short on time, there are just a few key points we need to be sure are communicated and understood. As we get you underway, there will be some paperwork to sign and a short video to watch. These can be completed the week prior to your trip.

Damage security deposit

We require a damage deposit of $500 which will be due at the time of Beach Bags System delivery. It is held on a credit card until the system is returned. The deposit is refunded providing you return the System complete and undamaged (other than normal wear). We have included a tank of fuel in your rental cost so there is  no need to refuel the pump.

Cancellation policy

We know first-hand that situations may arise that delay, postpone or cancel a well planned trip. Therefore, we offer a full refund if your System rental is canceled 5 days prior to arrival. For date changes, or cancellation within 5 days of rental, we will do our very best to transfer your rental to new dates subject to availability.

The Beach Bags legion

We are always looking to capture new photos and experiences with our products. We welcome and encourage feedback and learning how you used our System during your trip. Send us your photos, experiences and permission to share on social media or as a review and you’ll receive $50 discount on your next rental …and some free swag.

We love referrals

Refer a fellow houseboat and you both receive $50 off your next rental. Just drop us a note.

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