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Low Lake Level Anchoring Made Easy with Beach Bags Services

Finding a great location and securely anchoring your houseboat are often the most stressful parts of the vacation. And with plunging lake levels you might be wondering where you will go this year.Our anchoring crew is well acquainted with the rapidly changingshoreline, so let us take care of the work and worry with our Full Service Anchoring or Pre-Set Mooring Services.

Pre-Set Mooring

Simply pull in and tie up.

Full Service

Relax, we'll do it all.

Do It Yourself

Get the System and you're off!

Full-Service Anchoring

Sit back and relax. It's in the bag.

Take advantage Full-Service Anchoring (with or without Piloting service) and leave nothing to chance.Our anchoring crew will meet you in a pre-determined location on the lake, help you find an ideal site for your stay, deploy a Beach Bags Anchoring System sized for your houseboat, and securely moor you to the anchors. Then, upon your departure, simply untie and off you go – we'll retrieve the System for you. Inquire with us today to reserve your vacation dates.

Full-Service Anchoring Includes:

  • Beach Bags Anchor System sized for your houseboat
  • System deployment, mooring, and retrieval in your desired location
  • Piloting Service available upon request $130/hr




Wahweap Bay / Warm Creek / Navajo Cyn



Padre Bay / Gunsight / Cookie Jar / Labytinth / Face



Last Chance / West



Rock Creek / Dungeon / Wetherill


USCG Piloting service available for $135/hr through APEX

Up to $1,000 Yacht surcharge for houseboats exceeding 80'. Covers additional equiptment, crew time necessary for proper boat anchorage.

Additional $60/ngt for trips exceeding 7 nights.

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Pre-Set Mooring

Self Moor. Save More.

This innovative anchoring choice delivers our best value and convenience by allowing you to self-moor your houseboat to a Beach Bags Anchor System that's been set-up in time for your arrival. Our anchoring crew chooses a great mooring site within an available canyon or bay prior to your arrival. You simply pull up, attach your houseboat to the Beach Bags System, and tighten the lines.

If you know the area where you’d like to stay, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. If you're new to the lake and need help choosing a canyon or bay for your stay, no problem. We are happy to make recommendations for a safe & enjoyable vacation.

This service has limited availability so inquire today.

Pre-Set Mooring Includes:

  • Beach Bags Anchor System sized for your houseboat
  • Choice of available locations or let us choose for you
  • Training on Beach Bags use and anchor line tensioning
  • Available for boats up to 75 feet




Wahweap Bay / Warm Creek / Navajo Cyn



Padre Bay / Gunsight / Cookie Jar / Labytinth / Face



Last Chance / West



Rock Creek / Dungeon / Wetherill


Additional $60/day for trips longer than 7 days.


INQUIRE HERE for Piloting Service ($135/hr)

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Do It Yourself

You've got this!

Rent Beach Bags DIY System for your private or rental houseboat and the entire lake is yours to explore! Enjoy the journey and flexibility Beach Bags provide as you discover new overnight locations in your favorite canyons and bays. No more digging or drilling. And you can anchor just about anywhere on rock or sand.

Intuitive and easy to use, we'll teach you everything you need to know to successfully use, deploy and retreive your Beach Bags System.

DIY Rentals Include:

  • Beach Bags Anchors sized for your Houseboat
  • Filling Pump & Hose
  • Comprehensive training and instruction
  • Pickup your system at Antelope Point Marina




50 – 70 ft. Houseboat with 2 decks



75 ft. Houseboat with 2nd deck less than 50% screened



75 ft. Houseboat with 2nd deck 75%+ screened



75 – 80 ft. Houseboat with 3 decks (pre-qualified customers only)



Tightrope® - set of four

Quickly & easily tension anchor lines to changing lake conditions


Additional $60/day for trips longer than 7 days.



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Works as advertised!

As total novice rookies houseboats, we decided to use Beach Bags. The first one took about 15 to 20 minute to set up, but the second one only took about 6-7 minutes. Our 75 foot houseboat never moved and we were very happy with the whole process

- Larry Furlong

Safe in 55mph gusting, Bravada 2275GT

These bags are not for the non-athletic crew. They weight around 75# and are bulky. Where we anchor they often have to be carried up rock slopes. Set up time for one 4500 and two aft 6500 bags is about 45 minutes. Also if you pull into a site when winds are present make sure to leave someone on the helm. Always preset your site if possible for a safe quick houseboat anchoring. The new bags are going to be lighter so it may get easier. The five star rating is because you will benefit in two ways. You are safe in high winds and the park rangers will not hassle you. See the pictures for the profile of our boat.

- Bill Prevatt, DVM

Beach Bag Anchors, Work!
We've been to Lake Powell 50+ times house boating, the Beach Bags were quicker than digging sand anchors and less sweating to get it done. We just did 2 bags on each side of our 75' three story houseboat and had no issues during the wind all week.


- Spencer Smith


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